11th September 1999

Latest gig news update!!!

Zonei played at the Slimelight on 9th September (Thursday night), supporting LeisureHive and Mortiis (ex-Emperor). This gig was a fucking blast and probably the best I've seen from them in a long while!! The venue is an old favourite of ours (anyone in London will know about the venue) and it was great to play there instead of just being in the crowd. We couldn't really fault it on any grounds - the lighting, sound, stage - everything was just how we'd want it to be!! Thanks to Dette (the owner/manager of Slimelight) and Mechanical Promotions for putting us on at such short notice!
I'll be posting pictures from this set shortly, so look out for them.

Next gig on the books is the Hobgoblin in Brighton on 17th Septmber (Friday night), which finds Zonei headlining a bill with two support bands (sorry, don't know who they are). We played there a few months ago, and the venue, whilst small, is another excellent place to see Zonei strut their gothic stuff!
Try to get there if you can as this gig is in response to a huge demand from the Brighton crowd!!!

Another one to look out for is Fat Pauly's in Norwich.

Vampyria presents...
Zonei plus special guests:
Rainmaker (featuring Benjamin Ryan ex-Blood divine/Cradle of filth and Witchfinder General members)
plus Entwined
Wednesday 6th October 1999
Vampyria@Fat Paulys
Edward St, off Magdalen St, Norwich
(back of Anglia sq/multi-storey carpark!)
Tickets 4.00 advance
Doors open 8:00 pm
Violent Ultra album playback ,Copro Records & Century Media promotions and giveaways.

Hope to see you all there as this promises to be a wild night!!!
Tickets are available through all ticketweb outlets including HMV so there's no excuse to miss this one either!

Zonei will also be playing at the 'Carnival of Souls 1999' up in Derby, on 31st October (yes, Halloween!), Sunday. For more information and tickets contact Nightbreed Records, or check the Nightbreed web-site.

As many of you will have noticed by now, this web-site doesn't seem to get updated as often as it could - this isn't because I'm a lazy bastard (although that IS a part of it!) - I often don't have the time, and soon I will be leaving the UK for a year to pursue a job in Japan!
This means that I'll have even less time to work on the web-site, as well as having less contact with the band. However, if you do still want to get in touch with us, the email address is zonei@globalnet.co.uk.

As many of you have seen, Zonei appeared in Rock Sound magazine a number of times.
The August issue ran a competition to win one of five Zonei T-shirts. Apparently this went very well, with lots of you trying to get one, and there were a lot of other letters sent in to the magazine, most of which were complimentary of the 'Ashes' track featured on July issue's cover CD.
If you were one of the lucky people to win a t-shirt, congratulations! If you weren't successful in winning a freebie, there is an opportunity to buy your own copy from us. Price is 10 per t-shirt, with a 2 postage & packing charge (2.50 for overseas orders), and payment needs to be made in pounds Sterling, via cheque, postal order or International Money Orders, payable to Azonei Records. Sorry, we can't accept credit/debit cards - we're not that rich to be able to pay for the on-line services yet!

The problems with the CD availability now seem to have been resolved - you can now order copies (catalogue no. AZOCD01) from Our Price, Virgin, HMV, and Tower Records in the UK. Distributed by Shell Shock in the UK, it is exported to the US by Backs.
More useful to anyone outside of the UK is the fact that Nightbreed Records carry stock, so wherever you are, you can now buy the CD through them. If it isn't on the web-site, mail them anyway, as they do have it in stock.

If you are a distributor outside of the UK, contact Neil Sceeny at Shell Shock for more information about distributing in your country.

If you have seen or heard Zonei anywhere, please contact us and tell us where you heard/saw Zonei information, and how you found this site address. It only takes a minute to tap out a quick message! Also, tell us what you think of the site and music - it's only with suppport from you that we can get it all right! If you like (or hate!) the music, tell us, it's better than staying silent, at least we have something to work on! Anyone outside the UK is especially welcome to send us information - the CD is being played worldwide, so we'd appreciate any news about where it's got to!

If you want to get priority news on anything Zonei, email me with subject set to 'subscribe' and your email address in the message body. That way, you'll be the first to know about any gigs that are being organised (expect some late '99, UK/Europe), as well as being privy to news that I never get around to putting on the web-site!

Hanging Garden, in Japan continue to offer their support, so our thanks go to Fei and all the DJ's there.
I've also had recent confirmation that Slimelight, Europe's biggest (and best) gothic/alternative nightclub is playing the CD on both floors, making Zonei one of the few bands to cross the goth/techno divide!

If you want to contact the band, their mail address is:

c/o Azonei Records
PO Box 666
West Sussex
PO19 2WG

or email at: zonei@globalnet.co.uk

You can also email me to tell me what you think of the site, or offer suggestions for improvement, at the same address.

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