Country Tracks

Fri 15/10/99, BBC2

Wattle and Daub

Pete McCarthy introduces this magazine show loosely based around the British countryside with his usual dry wit, half-hidden grin and gentle slap-stick. This week's features: the Country Tracks Challenge continues with the band of merry survivalists eating woodlice and foraging on the beach for food: they did manage to find various shellfish, seaweed and even catch a few tiny fish while one of their number sunbathed - she won't last long; a look at the art of wattle and daub, a hardy construction method of weaving sticks between posts and slapping on mud to create walls; varieties of moths at night; and the invasion of hedgehogs in South Uist which is threatening the bird-life of the sandy meadow-land, the machair. Interesting without being too serious. ***

Presenters: Pete McCarthy, Lindsay Cannon, Producer: Patrick Ravelle

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