Don't Try This At Home

Sat 25/9/99, ITV
Audience: Not reported (less than 6.17m) BARB

Don't Try This At Home

Saturday night seems to be challenge night at least on the commercial networks. The best of these shows is without a doubt Don't Try This At Home fronted by Davina McCall. Here members of the public are challenged to do some extremely scary stunts. Tonight's show included a teacher who jumped attached to a wire into a New Zealand plunge-hole over 1000m deep and a hairdresser who drove a sportscar under an articulated lorry while both were doing 30 miles an hour. There is genuine tension before and during each feat, and because the participants are given every opportunity to back out, you feel no-one is forced into it. The show also has a lot of money spent on it - more than can be said of some others... ****

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