The Essential Guide
to the Weather

Wed 29/9/99, BBC2
Audience: 1.95m (22nd) BARB

Essential Guide to the Weather

This half-hour programme should really have been called the trivial guide because jumping from one subject to another only gave a shallow and brief look at each. Included tonight was the weather during the D-day landings; a college course in surfing; Ian McCaskill's guide to the shipping forecast (which was even less rivetting than listening to the real thing); the theory that algae might be controlling the climate to disperse themselves and most interesting, the new network of weather sensors placed in the seas around the British Isles. These should ensure that another storm such as the one in 1987 which the met office failed to predict, will not catch forecasters unawares. Last in the series. Let's hope the BBC change the format before they bring it back. *

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