The Royle Family

Thu 23/9/99, BBC1
Audience: 7.64m (16th) BARB

The Royle Family

One returning sitcom which is worth watching is the Royle Family. Once again the action (or lack of it) is filmed completely in the family sitting room with everyone lounging about in their usual chairs watching TV. The acting and writing is really special and while there are no real belly-laughs, ordinary hum-drum family life is all there for us to recognise and chuckle at. Denise and Dave are pregnant and are thinking of Keanu or Whitney as names. Denise is already thinking about her independance - who will baby-sit, not breast-feeding because then she would have to get up at night to feed the baby instead of Dave. Meanwhile Gran won't come to the phone to hear the news because she's watching Coronation Street... *****

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