Scrapheap Challenge

Sun 3/10/99, Channel 4
Audience: 2.35m (22nd) BARB

Bodgers Win Again

The lively challenge show leaps into its semi-finals and once again the Bodgers, a team of London bikers, win through this time over a bunch of weedy Washing-Machine mechanics. The challenge this time was to build a vehicle that would run the furthest on one small can of petrol. Both teams opted for three-wheeled solutions, although with their heavier bulk the Bodgers had to use a moped engine while the others were happy with a lighter hedge-trimmer engine. The Bodgers plan to burn and coast round the course were scuppered when the team-leader had a crash and broke the controls but in the end their efficient engine beat the belt-driven effort of the losing team who were hampered by the rain. Looks like it's going to be a great final! ****


(19/9/99) Can a group of London bikers or a trio of Navy scientists build an amphibious vehicle from scrap in only ten hours? This was the question posed by Robert Llewellyn in the quirky Scrapheap this week. Set in a London junkyard this gameshow features two teams with obvious mechanical skills pitted against each other. The interest for the viewer is both in the interactions between the players and the growing wonder if that pile of old junk will actually float? The denoument was priceless - the Navy were left spinning slowly in the water with no real rudder while the bikers' effort stormed the course. ****
Audience: 1.99m (30th) BARB

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