Starting Out

Tue 12/10/99, BBC1

Starting Out

Hoping that the opening programme of this series was unfunny because of the scene-setting, I had another look but I'm afraid if anything it's even less funny now. Sam and Dean are still unsure of their relationship especially with Sam finding it difficult to tell Steve she no longer wants to marry him, or as Dean's mate put it, giving him the Spanish archer - or El Bow (one of the best lines, believe me). The canned laughter erupts at anything anyone says which means they probably all had free drinks before taping or were watching something else. In the end Steve finally gets the message and Sam is free to ask Dean out but frankly, I'm giving this sitcom the Spanish archer in the future... *

Starting Out

(21/9/99) The writers of Birds of a Feather and Goodnight Sweetheart return with a new sitcom, Starting Out. You'd think that beginning a new series with a plane crash would be a bad omen and maybe it is, because there were few laughs in the first episode. We were introduced to eight of the characters including a part-time model who's about to settle for her boss rather than the man of her dreams, her girlfriend who gets off with football-playing lout while waiting for their baggage, and boring and lonely guy who thinks model is the one for him. The canned laughter was especially irritating, as the audience appeared to be laughing at anything said. However neither of the other sitcoms got off to a good start if I remember correctly, so maybe once the scene settiing is done, it will develop into something much better. Then again... **
Audience: 6.45m (21st) BARB

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