Top of the Pops

Fri 24/9/99, BBC1
Audience: not reported (less than 5.72m) BARB

Top of the Pops

For decades since the 1960s Top of the Pops had a devoted audience who watched every Thursday to see the latest chart acts. The advent of Music Television ate into that monopoly but it was really the move to Friday that cured many watchers of the habit. These days with the Top of the Pops brand being licensed to other countries such as Germany another problem has beset the programme. Despite being held in different locations over the summer months, all the artists perform on a stage that looks virtually the same: dark, with a video backdrop and huge Top of the Pops logos. Of course this makes it easier to mix previous week's footage with the current one and for acts to record appearances in advance, but it also makes the programme extremely dull. Perhaps it's time for another re-think? **

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