The World's Most Death-Defying Stunts

Sat 25/9/99, Channel 5
Audience: 1.03m (21st) BARB

The World's Most Death-Defying Stunts

Yes, more people doing crazy stunts but at least this time they choose to do them for themselves and not for any TV show. Half-documentary, half-video-diary, this repeat was worth watching just to see how mad the Spanish are, as whole villages compete to build the highest human towers. Some of the other stunts didn't go completely to plan such as the illegal jump by five people off a Florida bridge. They were supposed to swing together before being gradually lowered to the water. Instead the line broke, they hit the waves at ninety miles an hour, and suffered two broken necks, and lots of broken bones. Others such as the trapeze artists who attempted the seven person pyramid were not so lucky when they fell. Mmm, I think I'll stick to channel-hopping myself... ***

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