Sun 26/9/99, BBC1
Audience: 8.68m (11th) BARB


I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of this series - there was always something contrived about it. However with the original cast, writer and the will-they? won't-they? romance between Assumpta and her priest, there was at least some gently romantic moments mixed with general slapstick acting from the rest of the cast. This new series with many of the cast gone could have struggled on I guess but not with such appalling scripts. The main stories were a Frenchman challenging Quigley to a balloon race, Niamh and Ambrose's marriage on the rocks (literally) and the teacher finds a dog... Ballykissangel itself seems to have moved suddenly closer to the sea, and the villagers content to run up and down hills for no reason whatsoever. I'm surprised that a few more of the actors didn't throw themselves off cliffs. This is definitely the last series... *

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