Sat 18/9/99, Sun 19/9/99, BBC1
Audience: 11.9m (5th)/12.37m (4th) BARB


Yes, the BBC's flagship drama is back and as usual with a splash. Shown over two nights the opening stories concerned (in no particular order) nurse in emergency brain operation, illegal dumping of radioactive waste, love triangle between nurse/doctor/nurse, SAS man murdering his love rival, woman not facing child's cancer, old man with heart troubles looking after mentally challenged nephew... Or much more of the same old thing. Sadly this picture does not show men cleaning Charlie off the walls. The radioactive story and subsequent contamination and cleanup of Holby A&E was quite farcical with people already de-contaminated still mixing with those yet to be done. I kept expecting guest scientist Derek Griffiths to explain half-lifes through the round window... Excellent in its heyday, this show is long overdue retirement. *

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