Clive James Meets Barbra Streisand

Sat 16/10/99, ITV

Barbra Streisand

In his introduction to this interview Clive James stated that he thought the journey to Malibu and the four hour wait while his subject (who had hired her own director and camera crew) arranged the seating and lighting was worth it. I can't really agree. It's not James' fault - he tried his best, even asking some impertinent questions in a diplomatic way: about her unconventional looks, her relationships with her mother and step-father, her complete control of projects. Either short answers or denials were the replies, rarely did we get more than a glimpse of the real Streisand. However I did learn a few things - the middle a dropped from her first name is the only change from her birth name, which incidently is Streisand with an "s" not a "z"; she isn't interested in making films with nothing important to say; and that despite rampant stage fright she prefers to record and perform with a live orchestra. Not a patch on Clive's previous interview with Mel Gibson where several days access lead to a much more personal interview. **

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