Changing Rooms

Tue 28/9/99, BBC1
Audience: 8.98m (10th) BARB

Changing Rooms

I've tried not to like it, really I have, but this simple interior design show is just great fun to watch. In essence two couple agree to decorate one room in each other's houses. Armed with a general idea of likes and dislikes, aided and sometimes abetted by a guest graphic designer, and with fittings and woodwork built by cheeky Handy Andy, the couples have two days to come up with the goods. Presenter Carol Smillie is never shy of lending a hand and of speaking her mind when she sees someone making what she believes is a monstrous mistake. The best bit in this show was when the designer was failing to stop plans by one couple to replace windows with patio doors. Andy was certainly not impressed and neither was the producer who had to finally put her foot down firmly. And did the participants like their new rooms? Well, one certainly did, while the others said they did but you could see they were already mentally planning a trip to the hardware store... ***

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