The Bill

Thu 14/10/99, ITV

Quinnan and Garfield listen to the boss

The story-line which began with PC Quinnan taken into hospital after being stabbed earlier in the year, comes to a head this week with the return of nurse Jenny Delaney from South America. Before she left PC Garfield proposed marriage to her but what he didn't know was the depth of feeling between Quinnan and his intended. There was something cruel and heartless about this episode, as we watched Quinnan trick his mate into working overtime while he slipped off to question Jenny about her true feelings. And the unhappy coincidence of CID mounting a surveillance operation just outside the nurse's flat meant that soon much of CID had guessed what was going on. Finally Garfield is freed of the minor case he's been working on just in time to see Quinnan and Jenny embracing outside of her apartment... Part II concludes on Saturday. ***

Principal cast: PC Garfield
PC Quinnan
Jenny Delaney
PC Page
Huw Higginson
Andrew Paul
Leslie McGuire
Lisa Geoghan
Writer: Neil Clarke, Producer: Michael Simpson, Director: Ian White

The Bill

(23/9/99) I quite welcomed the recent switch to a one-hour format for this police series because half an hour never gave the stories enough time to develop fully. However not all of the new shows have been good with writers often floundering around for ideas half-way through. This was one of the better ones although similiar plots have been used before. Liz Rawton is angry that surveilliance on a man convicted of brutal assualt and who has threatened his former victim has been dropped. Meanwhile a girl has disappeared on the way home from a nightclub. Desperate ex-boyfriend looks like the chief suspect but Liz can't help thinking that the man she was watching is involved. A few twists in the plot later and of course we know who'll be proved right. Watchable, especially when Rawton is involved, mainly because she looks like a real cop and not an actor who fusses far too much with his hair like the rest of the CID obviously do... ***
Audience: 9.35m (11th) BARB

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