Brotherly Love

Fri 8/10/99, BBC1

Brotherly Love

This one-off pilot for a comedy series showed some potential although it is maybe too much like the comic elements of Hamish MacBeth. Gregor Fisher leaves off the vest of Rab C Nesbitt to become a country doctor Hector whose uncle has just died leaving a pub and a thousand debts. Architect brother Frank returns from London to take over the bar. Childhood sweetheart Kate Cameron has also just returned to the small Argyll village where the comedy is set, and the brothers are soon vying for her attention. Add Mrs Gorgon, sorry Grogan as receptionist/ housekeeper and funeral director/ handyman Billy Bolster and we have a cast if not a million laughs. Still with little chance of Hamish MacBeth returning maybe a series is worth a try? ***

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