"Very good, Ms.Croft."

There is a proposal afoot to the effect that Jeeves the Butler should become Lara Croft's official Trusty Sidekick.

Yes, there's life in the old boy yet. Jeeves should accompany Lara on her next adventure. Dress him up in a khaki explorers outfit, give him the map, compass, satchel, ammunition and a shotgun, and let him come along with Lara on her next adventure. Providing invaluable help along the way, suggesting hints, holding point, letting Lara do the dangerous stuff (well, most of it. . . you've seen him on that bike. . .), and generally being a good egg - doing what a sidekick does best. He'll waste away in that old house, you know he will.

So, if you'd like to support the Jeeves the Butler Campaign and see Jeevesy accompany Lara on her next adventure, click the Big Red Button and send an email supporting the campaign. Go on, you know you want to. Each person sending an email will get their name and address put up on the next page, in a sort of online petition. We will then invite Core Design to look at it and do something about it.

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if the above images do not start your email program, send your mail to jeevescampaign@alexk.globalnet.co.uk

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