"The man with the silver tea-tray is back. . . we hope. . ."



"He may have a bad case of gas, but that doesn't mean he isn't cool. Let Jeeves have some fun in TR3. :)"

Richard J. Pugh


"Let it ring from all the rooftops, church spires, and generally everywhere else! Jeeves must be allowed to embark upon a journey with miss croft! he is really vital, if you think about it! it would be much easier for her to manipulate all that she has to do with jeeves (trusty and ready) by her side! I say "Set Jeeves Free!!!"



"I fully support the jeeves campaign and wholehertedly recommend that a robust but practical touring tea tray be constructed as soon as possible to facilitate his helpful endeavours with Lara Croft."



"Yes, send Jeeves along. Everybody has been having a jolly good time with Jeeves such as locking him in the freezer and such. But where was Jeeves when Lara really needed him in Home Sweet Home? A least the goons could have tripped over Jeeves. Or Jeeves could have clattered his tray at them and drive the goons mad. Jeeves could carry all of the goodies that Lara collects along the way such as giant flyswatters to swat the mosquitos of the 1912 campaign. (I am still amazed by the amount of things that fit in Lara's itty bitty backpack.) "



"If Jeeves doesn't go, I don't go. Simple as that. CORE Design take note!"

Sui Lon Liu


"Sally forth, slay the dragons of corporate indiference, stand up for the common man! It'll be following in the footsteps of a grand tradition of demanding fair treatment -- you know, 1066 and all that! Bravo!"

Bowen Greenwood


"Yes! I want Jeeves accompany with Lara at their adventure and Lara's Home. Jeeves also will help Lara to kill at their enemies...............PLEASE LET HIM ACCOMPANY WITH HER!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Matt C.


"I proudly support the Jeeves the Butler Campaign. What more of a role model for the youth of today do you want?"

Hel Hamnett


"Jeeves has already shown us what he can do on that motorcycle of his. He's just as much an actionman as Lara is an action woman! I want Jeeves along on the next trip! I wouldn't feel safe without him."

Patrick Key


"I like jeeves and I want that he helps Lara in her next adventure. I hope he will be back in TR3. Keep on raiding!"



"After being locked in the freezer 100 times, he deserves some special treatment. Maybe a cameo in between levels to serve Lara some water."



"Jeeves has my vote!"

 Lesley (Stellalune)


"I do indeed support Jeeves in his glorious campaign! That skinny girl, Lara carrying a pile of artifact, an M16, shotgun, harpoon zinger, grenades, ammmo and whateverhaveyou! No, it's just not right, she must get very tired running around with all that! Someone needs to carry some of it, and who better than Jeeves! No one, I say!"



"I support Jeeves the Butler Campaign. This game needs more humour and Jeeves will be there to provide it.

Long live Jeeves the Butler."



"Jeeves is loyal. He can be trusted. He could very well save the day."



"Jeeves is the Man. Who else can Lara depend on? He can stay in places where he could help her climb (after climbing down)? Who could stay behind and call her when she gets lost?"

Chris Georgiou


"Jeeves is the Top Don. Long live Jeevers."



" We want Jeeves, we want Jeeves, we want Jeeves, we......GO for it. Example from TRIII. maybe just as Bartolli's equivalent is about to finish her off, Jeeves neatly (of course) slices his head off with the drinks tray (sharpened edge of best Sheffield steel)."

Joe C


"Long Live Jeeves"

Luis Cunha - Editor Croft Times


"Please inlcude Jeeves in the next Tomb Raider game. . . oh please. . . "



"Yes, I support the Jeeves Butler Campaign!!!!"

LA King


"I want Jeeves! YES for Jeeves!"

Chuck Parkey


"DO IT. . ."



"I think Jeeves should acompany Lara all the way! He should be equiped with all the equipment Lara has (Uzis,shotgun,etc..)and give help and suggestions."

Kim Corbett


"I do think that Jeeves should play like a more important role in TR3 maybe he could join Lara on her Trips as a sort of intelligenz for special missions who gives hints to solve some difficult parts or so..."



"Jeeves is the man! Put 'em in Tomb Raider III or at least have an option to play the assault course as him! :)"



"My name is Shawn Smith and I support Jeeves!"

Shawn Smith


"Yes, I support the Jeeves the Butler Campaign!"

Thomas J. Cassidy


"Just writing to let you know that I'm definitely in support of your petition. Personally, I'd love to see ol' Jeeves bombing through crypts with a shotgun blaring... count me in..."

Mark L. Kudera


"I would like to be a part of the J.B Campaign!"

Vlad Kopman


"Hey CORE: Give Jeeves a chance! He should accompany Lara on her new adventure! He'd be of invaluable assistance and add some comic relief! Whaddya say?"

Shari Leon


"Oh ! A dream come true ! After many hours playing TRII, I finally found why I spent more time on the training course than on the game itself... Jeeves ! No, it wasn't the challenge of the Assault Course, trying always harder and harder to beat the clock. No it wasn't to visit Ms. Croft's magnificent manor. No, it wasn't to hear that sublime classical music coming from the switch in the ballroom. And no, it's not even to see the voluptuous Lara in some exercise outfit, some spandex etc. It was for Jeeves ! To see Jeeves follow like a sturdy and loyal servant, bringing the tray with such agility, serving the tea without any drops, even on that dangerous terrain... This is the true reason ! And finally... I always found those clean and always-right butler outfit... well... attractive. Geoffrey and now Jeeves. They are so SEXY ! Jeeves, you're tha man !"

Patrick Martin


"Yes, I support the fact that Jeeves should have a quite important role in the upcoming Tomb Raider adventure as a sidekick. In the script for the movie Tomb Raider(that should be coming along sometime in the future), Lara has a sidekick."

Jacob Green


"I think that Jeeves will surely die if he stays in that house.He should definitely accompany Lara on her next adventure. I am sure that he will be a great sidekick!"

Chris Coulon


"I want Jeeves become Lara's sidekick on her next adventureJeeves is my old man...please let him go with Lara so I feel safe to go with him."

Steven Y.


"Good idea i think he will be a good sidekick but lara i used to working alone i still think she will enjoy his company Jeeves forever!!!!"



"Go Jeeves Go, Go Jeeves Go, Go Jeeves Go...."

Steven Arnott


"What a cool idea! Having Jeeves as Lara's sidekick just might be more fun than locking him in the freezer!!!"

Joey Tarlton


"hiya , hmm... just thought that Jeeves could go and kick butt together with Lara - fighting would be easier but still they would have to protect each other and this time while fighting Jeeves could cook up a meal for Lara thus helping her to regain health points or somethin........... *still thinkin*....... cya "



"It's about time! I, for one, wholeheartedly support the Jeeves the Butler Campaign, and add my support to the cause. Good luck, Jeevesy!"

Ryan Williamson


"I think he should be in tomb raider 3"

Alex S


"Bravo ! Bis ! Hourra pour Jeeves !Congratulations for completing the assault course in 48.2 s ! Re-congratulations for doing this on a 1920 "old lady" Triumph Winchester-DeHaverland E-type SE ! You're actually great !"



"Let's give the ole' guy a chance - he's not ready for retirement, yet!"

Donna - NJ Tomb Raider-ette


"I have to say it's a thrilling idea for Jeeves to be Lara's sidekick! I bet he's a terrific puzzler, spending all those years at Lara's mansion. I hope he gets to show his hidden talents in TR3, when Lara has lost her way somehow. I definitely support the Jeeves campaign."

Linda van der Heijden:-)


"Jeeves Should be in it so it can be two players."



"Jeeves! Jeeves! Jeeves! Jeeves! Jeeves! Jeeves! Jeeves!"


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