"Looks like fun! I'll support it :)"

Andreas Normann


"I can't believe I'm doing this. Jeeves annoyed me so much, I usually locked him in the freezer. But I know he was only trying to do his job as butler for Lara Croft. GO JEEVES!"



"GO JEEVES!!!! I think that Jeeves could play an effective comic relief role in TRIII. He would be an invaluable arms bearer too, as well as coming up from behind and unexpectedly shooting something about to claw our heroine."

Portland Magasine


"I support the Jeeves the Butler TR3 Campaign !!! Long live Jeeves !!!"

Craig Olsvik


"I fully support Jeeves and even he's old and kinda pruney he's still got a lot of spunk in him. (Hey, it takes a lot of energy to fart like that all day!) So I say, go get 'em Jeeves! You deserve it."



"We love Jeeves. Bring on the Jeevester!! Long live Jeeves!!"

Michael Szumowski


I not sure that Jeeves could handle running around with Lara, but he should definately have some part in TRIII. What about jeeves running a base campwhere Lara begins her expedition. It would have all of the background infoof the mission, e.g. ancient documents, maps etc., and all of Lara'sstatistics that could be accessed by radio. This would an option in theinventory, replacing the stopwatch. It would provide invaluable info,needed to complete the game.

Matty G


"Jeeves should be out there, watching Lara's back. We're behind you all the way, Jeeves!"

Erik Sloth, Denmark


"In TR3 i want Jeeves along for the ride. Being ex-forces he could recon all the areas prior to Lara's arrival, whilst at the same time supplying Her Croftness with copious amounts of cucumber sandwiches and tea. Maybe he could be butler-napped by some natives, leaving Lara to rescue him. Here's hoping. Good campaign. I wish it well."



"Go Jeeves!!!!!"

Ben Josef


"He busted his butt around Lara's house, following her EVERYWHERE offering her tea, cleaning up after her, THIS IS WHAT HE DESERVES! Also, it was fun locking him in the freezer."






"I think Jeeves is someone we can all identify with. He works vigorously, is stressed to the point he gets gas, and then not appreciated. Even if you havve your disagreements with his behavior, put yourself in his shoes. I think we all have a little Jeeves inside of all of us, and supporting this campaign will even make us feel better."

N. Shah


"Yes, i think that jeewes should have a more important role. Like being the hero in a FMV"

Carl Anton


"i fully support an expanded role fer jeeves in tr3 - provided he promises not to wear shorts! yers!"



"I fully support the campaign. Just think, Jeeves could fell whole groups of bad guys with his flatulence!"

Simon Wolf


"there should be multi player in tr3 and jeeves should be the sidekick. there should also be jeeves merchandice shuch as a dustpan and broom, a haloween costume, and teetray. "



"This good ol chap deserves more then he's getting BLAST IT!! Miss Croft could use a some what sterdy pair of legs and kinda strong back to help her out on her dangerous adventures."



"Gotta love that Jeeves. Let him come along in TR3!!! He's proven himself by staying alive after being stuck in the freezer for 10 minutes at a time. GOTTA LOVE JEEVES!!!!!"



"I'd like to offer my vote to support Jeeves The Butler, It would make an awsome twist to the story! Jeeves rules!"

Javier Perez


"I along with the legions of TR fans out there support the fact that Jeeves could be in the game. It would be cool for the old man to follow Lara. As long as he doesn't keep grunting like he is gonna have a heart attack andwalking slow :)"

Brandon Barkley


"Well TR3 should have jeeves in it for a lot of rasons but you missed the best one the firstpart of his name(Jee) rhymes with three!!!!"

Adam Matthews


"I suggest to give Jeeves a role that's more like his usual butler role: A wise power, a wizz at puzzles, and with that typical British sense of humour. What I'm imagining here, is Lara trying to solve a puzzle, and then we get a flashback of Lara where she listens to Jeeves telling about one of his journeys, solving a similar puzzle, etc. Maybe we could even get some tiny movies of Jeeves as a young butler-adventurer in Africa! And of course Jeeves always seems to show up a safe-havens during the game, completely surprising Lara with his presence (and that of the tea and crumpets of course ;-) So my wish is to make Jeeves a powerful force in the background, notsome trusty sidekick or something... Hey ho Jeeves!"

Kars Meyboom.


"Noone should go adventuring without a trusty servant."

Thomas Hotz


"You da man, Jeeves!! Jeeves would be great in TR3- not only as a sidekick, but as a source for help and comic relief. Picture it: Lara gets in trouble. Her health is going way down. BOOM! BOOM! Here's jeeves with an old double-barrel shotgun, saving the day! GO, JEEVES!"

Charlie Lawton


".....Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ....."

Kelly Gibson


"Yes. Most definitely. Arthur, the AI in JourneyMan Project comes to mind. Lara would welcome the lessening of her burden & legions of gamers could benefit from an AI character."

D Deasti Beattie