Music Theory and Philosophy

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There is a growing interest in ancient music theory and philosophy and this page offers some materials, bibliographies and web links that are worth viewing.

I am keen on recent developments in creating music on computer. There is some excellent music software for creating music scores which also play back as midi. I use two shareware notation programmes, NoteWorthy Composer and Mozart. You can download both these programmes below and if you like them you can register them and gain their full features and get free upgrades at their respective web sites. They are quite inexpensive! If you can afford the latest high end software, then you might look at the new Sibelius score program that has just been released for Windows 95. You can review it at:

For NoteWorthy Composer download go to

For Mozart Notation programme download go to

There is a very technical discussion list on tuning if you are interested in musical tuning theory. You can find the list at:

It is called simply “tuning”. You may find the discussion too technical, but you can ask questions there and also get information on related web sites, music software, synthesizers, soundcards and details on midi commands.

To really make the most of midi you need a good soundcard or external sound module, such as Roland or Yamaha. Soundblaster cards are not much use for classical midi performance. However, with the AWE64 upwards you can both install soundfonds or create your own. Soundfonts are made from real musical instruments.

For collections of midi files a very good source is Newsgroups. Simply search through the list of groups for "midi". Also there are many web sites with large collections.

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