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music copying and engraving using Sibelius

I am a professional musician with twenty years' experience
 of arranging transcribing and copying.
Fast competent work. Negotiable rates of pay.
e mail:
Telephone +44 (0)20 7735 8056 

Below is a score for you to see.
If you can't see it, you need the Scorch viewer from Sibelius
the free Scorch plug-in to view, play and transpose music notation on this site.'
It is very easy to download this 'plug-in', and takes about 3 minutes.
It's worth it! You will then be able to see and hear all Sibelius files on the Web.
(When you can see the score, you may have to click on 'device' to choose sound system).
Please note that scores print out better than they look on monitors!
music copying and arranging sent anywhere in the world via e mail

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