Powertrain Layout Mid Engine / RWD 
WheelBase - 2670 mm
Length - 4854 mm 
Height - 1102 mm

Width - 1951 mm
Weight 1000 kg
Front / Rear Track

Front -  1600 mm
Rear 1600 mm
Configuration V12 
Valvetrain DOHC, 4 valves / cylinder 
Displacement - 5987 cc
Power- 600.0 bhp @ 7000 rpm 
Torque - 516.0 ft lbs @ 3700 rpm 
Bore - 89.0 mm
Stroke - 80.2 mm

Compression Ratio

Redline 7800 rpm 
Type 6-Speed Manual 
Final Drive 2.88:1 
1st Gear Ratio 2.71:1 
2nd Gear Ratio 2.20:1 
3rd Gear Ratio 1.80:1 
4th Gear Ratio 1.52:1 
5th Gear Ratio 1.33:1 
6th Gear Ratio 1.18:1 
Steering Rack & Pinion w/ Power Assist 
Tire Sizes 

F 280/35R-18
R 330/40R-18 
Brake Types Vented Carbon FIbre Discs 
Brake Size

 F 381 mm / 15.0 in
R 356 mm / 14.0 in 
Body Material Carbon Fibre 
Top Speed 191.0 mph
0 - 30 mph 1.7 seconds 
0 - 60 mph 3.4 seconds 
0 - 100 mph 5.7 seconds 
0 - ľ mile 9.4 seconds 
Lateral Acceleration est 1.70g 

The CLK-GTR, carrying a price tag in the area of $1,000,000, was created by HWA with a reputation of being the ultimate Supercar with indescribable performance. The CLK-GTR was created in order for Mercedes to race in the GT series. FIA-GT rules specify that a road legal car, similar to the road race version, must be built to FIA specifications, and be available to the commercial market. Their road race version was raced in the 98 FIA GT championship, 1998 Le Mans, 1999 Le Mans, and various WSC championship rounds in the US

With the help of Ragun Racing, acting as interface with HWA engineers, ART supplied HWA with four laser heads. Two of the devices used were slightly modified versions of ARTís popular "Laser String" laser plane heads combined with two additional laser string heads converted to straight laser beam type lasers. The straight beam laser sources are the identical laser sources used in ARTís custom lasers built for CART technical inspection which have been used by CART for the past four years and into 2000. Using HWA engineered hub mounts, the lasers are mounted to the wheels with the laser plane sources on the rear hubs and straight beam sources on the front hubs. 

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