6.2Litre V8


 450bhp @ 6100rpm


440 lb-ft @4900

Mid Engine, Rear Wheel Drive



 0-60 in 3.8secs           

1/4 Mile in 11.9secs

MAX SPEED - 204mph


5 speed manual,
optional - F1 tiptronic


Front - 14.0" vented, cross drilled

Rear - 13.5" vented, cross drilled


 Front - 245/40 ZR-18    Rear - 335/40 ZR-18 Goodyear Eagle F1


City - 11mpg

Highway - 17mpg

Fuel Capacity - 19.1Gal

PRICE $119,700

For the past 3 years Spencen Automotive has been designing the ultimate exotic sports car. The design is based on current exotic sports cars with changes made as to improve them. The PUMA was designed with safety as its first priority. We wanted to create an outrageously exotic sports car that would be safe and comfortable for daily driving. The PUMA is a car that you can drive to work and even to the supermarket to do your grocery shopping.

The PUMA is one of the widest, lowest, and longest exotic sports cars ever built, which give it an advantage in performance. It utilizes the latest aerospace materials and design principles.

The PUMA is the very first exotic to have a completely automated convertible hardtop which folds up in half and retracts behind the driver and passenger, just in front of the mid-placed engine. Its doors swing up and backwards automatically, being a unique design within the automotive industry. The doors also close down automatically with the touch of a single button.

The PUMA is one of the lowest, widest, and longest exotics ever built. Its outer shape is a combination of curves and illusions which blend together so beautifully as that of a woman’s figure. As you stand next to the PUMA you sense a spirit of excitement and a rush of speed. Its look is not far different from that of a jet which was confined to fly in a two dimensional world.

For more information about the Puma visit the website of Spencen Automotive

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