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Members of BAMR recognise the difficulty many people have in getting a full understanding of our message regarding both what is wrong and how it can be rectified. There are a number of reasons for this.

BAMR is not exposing a recently engineered fraud, but a fraudulent practice that has been part of the status quo for over three hundred years and has been manipulated and exploited in the latter half of this century to a degree that threatens mankinds very survival. Therefore we are not advocating a return to a system which was, but a system which always should have been but never was. For this reason the only ideal scene which can be presented is essentially conceptual.

Most people have been successfully led to believe that the monetary system is so highly complex that only the "experts" can understand it and therefore they tend to shy away from the subject believing they will never understand it. This is very clever PR where incomprehensible rhetoric and "scientific" style has achieved it's objective of bewildering the listener to hide the truth that the "expert" does not know what the hell he is talking about, but can be quite confident that the listener doesn't either.

It is difficult to believe that such a gargantuan fraud should have been going on under our noses for so long without exposure. "They" would have done something about it wouldn't "they".

To understand why "they" haven't and are unlikely (without our backing or coercion) to do anything about it one needs to recognise the power of money.

Money can be considered to be the one manmade 'element' conducive to, not only the quality of life but survival itself. In terms of power and importance, money is junior only to the natural elements. If a handful of people could harness the power of the sun, wind, tides or rain and patent it, they would become the most powerful people in the world. Well, a handful of people discovered that money, being a manmade element, could be harnessed and they have done just that and have become the most powerful people in the world.

Everyone needs to gain a full reality on the fact that enough money can buy the compliance and/or intimidation of anyone. Anyone that is except the people en masse. This is why the truth must be disseminated and fast.

MPs will waffle, journalists keep their pens in their pocket, the electronic media remain strangely mute on the subject of the truth about money. If in an influential position, they usually wish to stay that way.

So plutocracy rules OK !

To understand how the monetary system works is to understand how the world has come under the control of a financial dictatorship, which is tightening it's grip daily. If implemented the European common currency will be a benchmark victory for the criminal elite who are calling the shots. Elected governments are only 'bit-part' players in this global game of monopoly.

It is essential that the 'wo/man in the street' knows that this game is being played above his/her head and if s/he doesn't make his/her voice heard s/he can only lose..... BIG TIME!

Only a democratically controlled monetary system can be considered equitable and the UK has at least the makings of a democracy, whereas Europe hasn't.

Quite apart from the political ramifications of this biggest fraud ever we need also to recognise that we and our families are being short-changed on a daily basis which prevents most of us sharing in the real wealth of our nation.

For a full understanding of this subject please download this site, consider the recommended publications and/or click on the thumb-nails to other sites of enlightened organisations. To approach the subject from as many directions as possible will provide you with a complete education with this vital data.

Read Money Or Your Life
by Dr Edward Hamlyn M.B.Ch.B. A truly enlightening booklet, written succinctly and clearly, a must for the unititiated. Click here for extracts or here to download and read the whole book.

The Invalidity of Third World Debt by Michael Rowbotham. In the process of making a powerful case against the fraudulent nature of 'Third World' debt, Michael treats the reader to a clear insight into the dreadful realities of the world monetary system. Costs £3. 00 and is available from BAMR (South East) or Bretts Cottage, Chapel Road, Thurgarton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 7NP .


Published this year yet is already acclaimed as the most illuminating work ever written on the hitherto nebulous subject of the monetary system. This is Michael Rowbotham's The Grip of Death. Not only supremely educational but compelling reading. Click here for critical acclaim and where to order.

What Everybody Really Wants To Know About Money/I/H3 was written by Frances Hutchinson and I can only echo the praise poured on this work on the critical acclaim page here.

James Gibb Stuart wrote The Hidden Menace to World Peace from an 'ex-insiders' viewpoint on the gross injustices administered by the world banking system and corruption in high places. Mr Stuart makes quite clear the virtually inevitable catastrophic eventualities of our existing system. Read extract (pages 104-105) click here.

Scotland And Its Money by James Gibb StuartP is less than a one hour read and yet is an easily understood blueprint for an independent, democratic and equitable monetary system for any nation. Mr Stuart makes clear that only when a nations' economy is under the control of a democratically elected government can that nation be said to be democratic and or independent. It is common knowledge that Scotland doesn't, as yet, have an independent currency but the people of nations who believe they have, should read this booklet. See page with extract from EMHidden Menace To World Peace/EM for ordering details.


New Alliance is a non-party political group of individuals and groups who believe that the nation's finances should be controlled by a democratically elected and removable government. Click for more information on New Alliance and the alternatives to European Union

The Money Masters. One of the most informative sites of the U.S.A.

Monetary Reform Magazine of Canada. A well-informed, up-to-date and to-the-point magazine and site.

Ossian Publishers (Monetary Reform) a site inspired by James Gibb Stuart who is perhaps the most knowledgable gentleman in the U.K. on this subject---with many publications and free data.

History of Money by Roy Davis. A Devon based site with much free data while promoting Mr Davies' 716 page book.

Truth in Money, Inc., A site promoting sales of Truth in Money book and Figuring Out the Fed book by Thorens Warner.

Watch this space.

BAMR site is under construction and will be upgraded and updated constantly and links added as and when negotiations with like organisations are finalised.


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