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By Atari Arcade 1987


Blasteroids was the sequel to the Atari classic Asteroids. A raster-based game in contrast to the vector-driven original, the most memorable feature of Blasteroids was probably the end of stage boss, Mukor. Rather like Smash TV's Mutoid Man he was the games only boss*, and would pop up grimacing nastily at your helpless (?) little spaceship every time you completed a level. The other neat thing was docking your ship with your co-player to make a bigger, meaner creation with which to take on those pesky space-bound lumps 'o granite.... You can play a good emulation of Blasteroids in MAME.

*Woops, deleiberate mistake!.. Smash TV had more than one boss its been pointed out. Ta Bodishattva..

(Right) This is the guy..
Handsome chap wasn't he eh?

Here's a scan of the C64 version of Blasteroids which I found while cleaning out the loft.!
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