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Welcome to Destroy All Monsters! or DAM! for short... A web site catering for the wonderful but sadly now neglected world of the sprite-based video game, and paying special heed to that much maligned entity.. the VIDEO GAME BOSS! On these pages we will try to highlight a number of titles across a variety of videogame systems including both console and arcade..action, shooters, you name it, as long as the bosses are mean and memorable we'll try to cover it. We also hope to provide hints on PC emulation of these classic games so that the curious, nostalgic, or just plain masochistic among us can experience those death-defying good vs evil battles of yore all over again. Just remember one thing..the bigger they are, the harder they fall..!

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The Mothership from R-Type : Good huh? Took me ages to do this...worth it though I amazing bit of pixellated design by the Irem graphic artists really. The whole ship is nearly 25 times larger than your dinky little R9. When I get the time I'll have a go at animating his turrets and rocket engines and the like :)

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