Axelay - Konami (SNES)
(Rogues Gallery Special Feature)

Biometal - Athena (SNES)

Contra III/Contra Spirits (SNES)

Darius Twin - Taito (SNES)

Einhander - Squaresoft

Gun Frontier - Taito/Xing

Guardian Force - Success

Image Fight/X-Multiply Pack
Irem/Xing (Saturn)

Layer Section - Taito (Saturn)

Layer Section 2 - Taito
(Playstation / Saturn)

MARS MATRIX - Takumi/Capcom (Dreamcast&Arcade)

Parodius Deluxe Pack - Konami (Saturn) - also PSX

Cave/Capcom (Arcade)

Raiden Project - Seibu

Raycrisis (Layer Section 3) -
Taito (Playstation)

R-Type Delta - Irem

Sol Divide - Psikyo/Atlus

Soukyugurentai - Raizing/EA

Super Contra - Konami (NES)

Wild Guns - Natsume (SNES)

Xevious- Namco (Arcade)

Zanac- Compile (NES)

s you can probably see we need a few more good reviews of classic titles for the site. If you are interested in doing one or two do let me know! Some games which I particularly would like to see reviewed here include:

Gradius/Salamander Series
Other Konami titles including the Contras
Castlevanias, Axelay, Parodius, Metroid etc
R-Type series and other Irem arcade games
Classic Capcom games including Strider
Ghosts and Goblins, Bionic Commando etc
All Treasure Games
Metal Slug I and II
Any other suitably boss-tastic titles

( I will probably concentrate on Japanese titles which were the inspiration for this site..)

If you are interested in contributing a review give me a quick e-mail

Review : Image Fight/X-Multiply Pack
by Irem/Xing (Sega Saturn)

Image Fight/X-Multiply

Image Fight and X-Multiply on one CD? A laser-based
dream in software format! Make no mistake..

Rogues Gallery Special Feature : Axelay
by Konami (Snes)

Axelay showed off the awesome
capabilities of the newly released
SNES to a stunned gaming
audience back in 1992..

Review : Guardian Force
by Success (Sega Saturn)

(including Saturn top-down
Space shooter roundup.)

Guardian Force

Success take a break from the Cotton series
to bring us an old-school shooter in the
shape of Guardian Force. But is it any good?
Also takes a look at some of the best alternative
Saturn top-down space shooters.

Review : The Raiden Project
by Seibu Kaihatsu (Playstation)

Raiden Project

Raiden Project offers arcade-perfect conversions of both
Raiden and Raiden 2 on one Playstation disc -
outstounding VFM and now extremely cheap to pick up -
do yourself a favour and grab a copy now..

Review : Einhander
by Squaresoft (Playstation)


Square's mighty PSX shooter - featuring a distinctly
Teutonic evil Empire in a not too distant future..
reviewed by Basi

Review : Layer Section
(aka Rayforce/Galactic Attack)
by Taito (Sega Saturn)

Layer Section

'Three names - one great shooter' - Zach Keene
I coudn't agree more with Zach.. Layer Section rocks!

Review : Raystorm (Layer Section 2)
by Taito (Playstation/Sega Saturn)

Layer Section 2

The follow up to Rayforce abandons 2D
in favour of polygon graphics and 3D
backgrounds - so how does it shape up
compared to the original?


Rogues Gallery Special Feature
: Xevious
by Namco (Arcade)

A nostalgic but in-depth look at the
grand-daddy of modern vertical shooters!

Review : Mars Matrix
by Takukmi/Capcom

The Capcom and Takumi team's best shooter to date? Reviewed by John Chang!

Review : Storm of Progia (PROGEAR)
by Cave/Capcom ARCADE

Cave/Capcom's brand spanking new Arcade
shooter examined in fine detail by John Chang!

Review : Contra III/Contra Spirits
by Konami (SNES)

The Contra series comes to the SNES in the form of
Contra III - The Alien Wars! Reviewed by Rob Taylor.

Review : Super Contra
by Konami (NES)

Super Contra's rock-hard gameplay still leaves many
lesser games trailing in its wake.. Luke O'Sullivan
reviews a Nintendo NES all-time classic!!

Review : Ray Crisis
by Taito (Playstation)

Just released in Japan by Taito - the third in the '
Rayforce aka LayerSection shooter series!. Matthew
Ross gives us more info and his verdict.

Review : R-Type Delta
by Irem (Playstation)

The latest release in Irem's classic R-Type shooter
series eschews traditional 2D for polygon graphics
- but to what effect?-

: Gun Frontier
by Taito/Xing (Sega Saturn)

Another release by Xing on the 'Arcade Gears' label
is an unusual 1990 Arcade shooter by Taito.

: Sol Divide
by Psikyo/Atlus (PSX/Saturn)

Psikyo's uber-surreal fantasy shoot em up is translated
to Saturn and Playsation - how does it fare?

: Parodius Deluxe Pack
by Konami (Saturn) - Also PSX

One of my favourite retro release packs ever!! Konami's
Parodius Deluxe Pack on Saturn contains the classics
Parodius and Parodius 2. Joshua Kaufman reviews...

: Darius Twin
by Taito (SNES)


Darius makes the transition from the Arcades, via
the Turbographix system, to the Super Nintendo
with some-what mixed results. Zach Keene reviews..

: Soukyugurentai
by Raizing/E.A. (Saturn/Playstation)


A truly stunning Japanese-style shooter from
new boys on the block Raizing and an essential
purchase for fans of the genre.

Review : Zanac
by Complile (NES)


First in the line of acclaimed Compile shooters like
Blazing Lazers and Super Aleste, Zanac is a bit of a
classic. Zach Keene's review explains why..

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