By Natsume Super Famicom/Snes 1994

Natsume's top-notch update of the old Cabal/Blood Brothers shooters..

I had this game knocking about for a while before actually playing it properly, and it turns out to be quite a little gem. At first glance it looks like a rather run-of-the-mill third person shooter with a standard Wild West setting. First impressions are deceptive here though, play a little further into the game and it takes on a unique rather surreal character all its own, made all the better by some imaginative and attractive fantasy artwork that Capcom themselves would have been proud to have produced. And this is no ordinary 'Western' but a world from a weird parallel dimension where robotic gunslingers, huge anime mecha bosses and all kinds of odd technological oddities step into the fray to try to halt your progress.. just the kind of game we like here at Destroy all Monsters!


A familiar looking Western setting at the start of the first stage soon gives way to..


...something rather more surreal as robotic gatling guns hove into view..


Anyone who remembers the old Cabal (or sequel Blood Brothers) coin-op will have an idea what to expect gameplay wise. Taking control of either hero
Clint or heroine Annie (nice original names there Natsume!) you must progress through a number of timed stages (at the end of which lie some pretty mean level bosses) picking up some rather nifty items of firepower as you progress. As in Cabal, your onscreen character and their targetting cursor are under your control simultaneously. With the addition of a handy duck-and-jump button and some devastating dynamite-style 'smart-bombs' your life is made a little easier, and the control becomes second-nature with a bit of practice. The difficulty level is well balanced with the first few stages relatively easy but later levels requiring a lot of skill for survival with all hell breaking loose around you. Special mention has to go to the high level of detail in the backgrounds with plenty of nice blastable scenery and lots of nice little touches (smashable windows and neon (in the Wild West?) signs, destructable tables, whiskey bottles and more.. Oh and of lots and lots of HUGE explosions and pyrotechnics going off non-stop.. what more could you want?! ;)


Wild Guns is offbeat, imaginative, great fun and really rather brilliant. Oh and any game in which the heroine gets to kill lots of bad guys while wearing a floral hat has got to be worth a look-in..

Score out of Five:

Mike B

  The first sub-boss is this gunslinging robot,
and is fairly easy to dispose of.
  Onto the next stage which is set in a
saloon bar..Take that Jukebox!
This guy's a bit soft too, spends most of
his time rolling around on the floor to avoid
your gunfire..Next!..
Uh-oh! Spoke too soon.. as you make your
escape onto the rooftop this huge mecha
appears from out of nowhere!

Time to spice things up with
a little dynamite..

BOOM!! That'll learn him!

Click here to mosey along for a look at Stage Two..
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