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Gradius Gaiden- Konami

Toaplan Shooting Battle - Toaplan/Banpresto

Raiden DX- Seibu Kaihatsu


Assault Suit
Leynos 2 - NCS/Masaya

Battle Garegga - Raizing/EA

Bubble Symphony (Taito/Ving)

Darius Gaiden - Taito

DonPachi - Atlus/Cave

DoDonPachi - Atlus/Cave

Gekirindan - Taito /Virgin Japan

Hyper Duel Technosoft

Kingdom Grand Prix - Raizing/Gaga

Kyukyoku Tiger II - Taito/Naxatsoft

Metal Black - Taito/Ving

Macross S.D.F - Bandai

Radiant Silvergun - Treasure/ESP

Sengoku Ace Episode 2 (Sengoku Blade) - Psikyo

Shienryu - Warashi

Sonic Wings Special - Video System

Strikers 1945 - Pskikyo/Atlus

Strikers 1945 Part II - Pskikyo/Atlus

Assault Suit Leynos (aka Target Earth) - NCS/Masaya

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to find by the day..

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Credits: Many thanks to
Mechaman for helping
me out with some of the
Saturn scans here!

by Atlus/Cave
(Saturn - also Playstation)
Released 1996

Cave's first shooter after the fall of parent company Toaplan..

Gradius Gaiden
by Konami
Released 1997

Arguably the best of the series..

Assault Suit Leynos
by NCS/Masaya
(Mega Drive/Genesis)
Released 1990

Classic Megadrive mech-blaster

Darius Gaiden
by Taito (Arcade/Saturn)
Released 1995

The last ever fully 2D Darius
arcade shooter is ported
sucessfuly to Sega Saturn

Battle Garegga
by Raizing/EA (Arcade/Saturn)
Released 1998

Raizing's Battle Garegga stands atop the pinnacle of modern 2D vertical shooters - a totally incredible game!!

Sengoku Ace Episode 2 (Sengoku Blade)
Released 1996

By far the rarest of Psikyo's Saturn shooter releases, an astoundingly imaginitive and evocative game.

Kyukyoko Tiger II
by Taito/Naxatsoft (Arcade/Saturn)
Released 1996

Taito's sequel to the
underrated 1987 arcade
shooter Twin Cobra

Strikers 1945
by Psikyo/Atlus (Saturn)
Released 1996

Psikyo's top-notch Saturn conversion of the hit
arcade shooter.

by Warashi (Saturn)
Released 1997

Very good-looking vertical
shooter ported from the STV
arcade title by Warashi

Macross SDF
by Big West/Bandai (Saturn)
Released 1997

The Macross franchise made
it's only Saturn outing with
this shooter - beautiful
animation and artwork
but only a very
average game..

by Atlus/Cave
(Saturn - also Playstation)
Released 1997

Caves' second arcade shmup is one of the most popular of all Saturn shooters..

Raiden DX
by Seibu Kaihatsu
Released 1997

Japan-only remix of Raiden II

Assault Suit Leynos 2
by NCS/Masaya
(Sega Saturn)
Released 1997

Bigger and bolder sequel to
Leynos on Saturn

Sonic Wings Special
by Video System
(Sega Saturn)
Released 1996

Ultra-rare remixed version of
the three Sonic Wings aka Aerofighters shooters.

Kingdom Grandprix
by Raizing/Gaga (Arcade/Saturn)
Released 1996

Another excellent Raizing release, Kingdom Grandprix is a uniquely appealing 'shooter-racing' hybrid..!!!

Radiant Silvergun
Released 1998

Beautiful is not the word..
Probably still the most
technically stunning shooter
ever and quite possibly
also the best..

Toaplan Shooting Battle
Released 1996

Retro compilation of Toaplan heli-shooters including Twin Cobra, Kyokyoku Tiger and Tiger Heli.

Strikers 1945 Part II
by Psikyo/Atlus (Saturn)
Released 1998

And here's the second
game in the series...

by Taito/Virgin (Saturn)
Released 1997

Another arcade vertical
shooter ported to Saturn, this
time from the Taito stable

Metal Black
by Taito/Ving
Released 1996

An unusual and less well-known Taito horizontal shooter in the Darius mould

Watch this space for more scans as I get them done! ;)
All game artwork and packaging is the copyright of the respective producers

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