GEKIRINDAN 'Time Travel Shooting'
Taito/Virgin 1997 Sega Saturn


A port of a less well known Taito F3 arcade shooter from 1995, Gekirindan is a pretty hard game to come by these days. This is a solid enough conversion (bar a little slowdown) of a game that reminds me a little of some of Toaplan's earlier efforts with a bit of Layer Section thrown in for good measure. The puzzling time-travel plot (similar to Radiant Silvergun's) serves to add to the level variety, and there's a stonkingly great soundtrack too. Worth getting hold of to try out the very original range of weaponry configurations, which is a lot of fun..


Take a gander at this lot.. a more unlikely bunch of potential space
fighter pilots you will be hard pressed to meet. Unless
of course you play a lot of Japanese videogames..

Here's the poster artwork for the original
arcade game. Click on a pic to enlarge.

More screenshots can be found at the Raine home page here