1997 Sega Saturn

Also known as Bubble Bobble II, this was actually the third game in the Bubble Bobble series discounting spin-offs Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars. (The second game was Bubble Memories - The Story of Bubble Bobble III. Yes I know, confusing isn't it?) If this was a Mortal Kombat game it would have been called Ultimate Bubble Bobble.. we are talking a significant graphical improvement and previously unheard of variety in level design compared to the other games in the series.. A branching route structure a la Darius sees you picking various routes through different Bubble 'Worlds' adding hugely to the game's replay value and there's even more secrets and special items than ever before! Stages include 'Waterfall Land' 'Treasure Land' 'Radish Land', 'Robot Land' - complete with mini games of Space Invaders (!) and 'Sun Land' - a spoof of Taito's Darius shooter series. A great effort by Taito and an excellent conversion job by Ving which adds up to one of the very best 2D arcade conversions on Saturn. You can even select between the original Japanese and English language arcade versions!

(Below) Lovely cutesy style and presentation gets you in the mood for some serious bubbling action!

Aww no!! Our heroes have been magically transformed in bubble-toting dino's by the evil Elf king!

What a pretty game this is eh? Lots of graphical detail and variety in the backgrounds and load's of 'em!


Above is some lovely artwork from the original arcade flyers - Click to see full size versions!.