Toaplan (orig) (published by Banpresto) 1995
Sony Playstation


An excellent companion volume to
Kyukyoku Tiger II Plus on the Saturn, this shooter retro pack from Banpresto contains its prequels: Tiger Heli (1985) and semi-sequel Kyukyoku Tiger - also known as Twin Cobra (1987) plus the all-important Arcade-vertical mode on all games and some excellent remixed soundtracks (Tiger Heli's is especially lovely). Probably more aimed at hardcore retro shooter fans and collectors though due to the EXTREME difficulty of the titles on offer here - older Toaplan vertical shooters are still renowned for their toughness - and they make the Saturn sequel look like mere child's play.. ;) Also note that the compilation is monikered #1 which at the time boded well for further re-releases of classic Toaplan shootemups.. but alas, as far I know No.2 in the series, or any other further volumes.. failed to materialise.


Screengrabs of all three games in the compilation taken in the MAME emulator.
Note that even though there are three titles in the pack, Kyukyoku Tiger and Twin Cobra
are effectively exactly the same game (Twin Cobra being the international release
and featuring a simultaneous two player mode unlike Kyukyoku Tiger).
Also take a look at the third game in the series- Kyokyoku Tiger 2-