Emotion/Big West/Bandai
Sega Saturn (also PSX)


Also known as Macross: Do You Remember Love? and based on the 1993 Macross II film and anime series this game turned out to be a 2D shoot 'em up with cinematic FMV intermissions in the tradition of the acclaimed Super Famicom and PC Engine games before it. Beautiful FMV and stylish art direction aside and using the rather primitive (even at the time) engine from Bandai's previous Mobile Suits Gundam game it was a little disappointing however and not really a patch on the SNES 'Scrambled Valkyrie' game. Fans of the series however will probably still lap it up.. and it can still be found relatively cheaply (unlike the two older games!) A decent Playstation port also exists.


To its credit the game featured great visual effects (if not gameplay)
- especially those trademark Macross 'missile-trails'..