NCS/Masaya 1997

2D 'Mech' Shooter (JPN)

This is the follow up to
Assault Suit Leynos aka 'Target Earth' on the Megadrive. It's an impressive
but very tough 2D Mech shooter with some spectacular graphics and set-pieces.

'The original Assault Suit Leynos, renamed Target Earth for the American market, was a
classic action mech game for the Genesis. A great story, well drawn mech animation,
and an insane difficulty level grabbed many fans attention on the way to becoming a
cult smash hit. This sequel for Saturn merges the old-school feelwith the improved graphics
and sound of the 32-bit system. Excellent explosions, animation, and that insane
level of difficulty are back and better than ever. So outfit your mech with weapons
of your choosing and lay waste to the hordes of enemies! "Fans of Target Earth
for Genesis will have a ball with this one. Beware, the difficulty is set pretty high
just as in the first game. However, this is a side-scrolling shooter's dream come
true..." -
Sega Force Review

The graphics, though pure 2D are very well designed and in
some cases quite spectacular. Check out the monster first stage boss!

NCS Review of Assault Suit Leynos 2