Video System/MediaQuest
1996 Sega Saturn

Sonic Wings Special is a special Saturn-only remix of all three 'Sonic Wings'
shooters - which were known as '
Aerofighters' in the West. The original Sonic Wings/Aerofighters was an impressive for its era 'Raiden'-esque arcade vertical 'warplane' shmup which went on to inspire the almost-identical Strikers 1945 series by Psikyo. In fact I've a feeling that the same programming team were in fact responsible for both series.. The game sees you taking on the role of a number of bizarre but rather endearing characters from the USA, Japan, Russia, Sweden, NATO and something called the P.K.F. (?) and features globe-spanning episodes from the original Sonic Wings arcade game as well as Sonic Wings 2 and 3 (both Neo-Geo/Arcade releases). Thankfully an arcade-format 'vertical mode' IS available and multiple routes/endings, a large variety of planes (depending on your character - new 'secret' ones become available for each character when you complete the game with each one), a 'Time Attack' feature and a two player mode add replay value. Though now a little dated (the original Aerofighters is nearly 10 years old) Sonic Wings Special should appeal to those (like me) who enjoyed the original arcade game as well as Strikers 1945 fans, and it's quite probably the only shoot em up where you are able to play as a Dolphin Pilot. Oh yes.. if anyone's interested you also get an 'official' pop CD sung by foxy pilot-babe Mao-Mao. (Hmm..stick to flying dear..)

All your favourite characters from the series are back for more globe-trotting aerial mayhem!

Episodes and bosses from all three previous games in the series make a re-appearance


Not absolutely sure bit I think the above Japanese text from the back of the CD is extolling the fact that the game has
12 different characters and 24 different planes.. that's not a bad little selection eh? A Sonic Wings fans' dream come true for sure.

More screenshots, character info and intro FMV this way!