Taito (Ving) 1996
Arcade/Sega Saturn


Originally a Taito F2 system arcade game, Metal Black is touted as the sequel to Taito's obscure vertical shooter
Gun Frontier, but is a very different style of shooter to that game. A horizontal scrolling beast, it at first appears to hold many similarities to Taito's classic Darius series, although the weapon power-up system is quite unique- there are no specific power-up icons, but a multitude of floating isotopes called 'Newalone' throughout each level which can be nabbed in order to increase your guns' destructive capabilities, and at higher level release a devastating 'beam' weapon which can counter the enemy alien weaponry in a spectacular fashion (this idea was recently seen in the 'Alpha-beam' weapon system of G-Darius..) Also of note are the unusual 'Galaxy Force' style pseudo-3D bonus stages. The bosses, as in the Darius series, are a particularly nasty lot. And boy.. is this game tough.. ;)


(Above left) : First stage sub-boss, a giant alien crab-thing with an aircraft carrier on its head..
(Right) Setting about dealing with the rather ugly end of stage boss with my beam weapon

(Below left) Bonus stage bit.. blast aliens in 3D for big points (Right) Organic slimy stage..urghh..

(Above) Spectacular poster artwork for the original
arcade game. Click on a pic to enlarge.