Seibu Kaihatsu 1997
Playstation (JPN)

RAIDEN DX: Or "Raiden 2 remix" as it has been dubbed by a lot of people on the internet
(though would that be a bad thing?). Another one of the few good PSX shooters, proving
that the machine can be good with sprites if you know what you're doing :) Proper vertical
mode is included for the purists, and there are two remixed soundtracks along with the
arcade original ("original release" and "Viper Phase 1").

Three courses are available. Training is a huge level in which you only have one credit
(unless you cheat and play 2P) - so it may as well be called "Score Attack" level. Novice
has five levels, and may just be plain Raiden 2 as there is some reference to it above the
course select bit. Expert has 8 levels and an extra bonus level as well. I'm sure I've managed to skip parts of this course out by doing well, but haven't managed to work out
a pattern to it. Unfortunately, I haven't played Raiden 2 in ages, or would be able to do
a better comparison. Sorry :P

The only problem I have with this game (and Raidens 1 & 2) is that
after playing loads of other shooters, your craft seems a bit slow.
Other than that, recommended to those looking for an old-skool blaster.

Thanks to Steve Perry at for the above info and the scans!
(I still don't have this game yet
:() Mike

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