Psikyo/Atlus 1996 Sega Saturn

This graphically stunning side-scrolling shooter is a conversion of the arcade sequel to Psikyo's original Sengoku Ace (1993), a vertical arcade shooter which unfortunately was never available on a home format. From a visual design standpoint is is among the most impressive of all the company's products - featuring beautifully realized characters, backdrops, enemies and bosses (see screenshots) and an incredibly evocative atmosphere. It does however use the same game engine as Strikers 1945 and its sequel, as well as the Saturn conversion of Gunbird, and as such plays incredibly similarly to those titles, creating a rather familiar feel which some may dismiss as lazyness on Psikyo's part. However its rarity and highly attractive packaging (a bonus 'Psikyo Digital Museum' is included containing in-depth info on the Psikyo shooter range plus hundreds of artwork items..) means it is still one of the most desirable Saturn collectors pieces nowdays.

Apparently Marion from Gunbird is a secret character in the game..


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Thanks to Mechaman for the scans!