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Shmups Possibly the single greatest gaming site I have ever come across and dedicated to that most awesome of gaming gaming genres: The Shoot-em-up! If you have never been here, GO THERE NOW! That's an order!



One of the first emulation sites and still the best IMO, a visit to
Daves is always worthwile for the emulation enthusiast.




Gradius Homeworld

Planet Gradius seems to be down* but here's a great UK -based substitute, Gradius Homeworld contains tons of info on one of my fave shoot 'em up series ever!

Planet Gradius is back- go see!



'This is the homepage of the YaK who is a videogame designer and programmer and all-round weirdo..' Well you said it Jeff!.. This is Llamasoft guru Jeff Minter's site.. and jolly
good it is too..


Simon Coong's (aka Felix the Cat) nicely designed site which features an in-depth
(and beautifully illustrated) look at each of
his favourite shooters - namely Axelay, Einhander, R-Type and Treasure's latest
and greatest Radiant Silvergun.

Commander Ghostwalker's massive shooter site is the perfect companion to Shmups for all you blast 'em up fiends! Covers loads of titles that Shmups does not as well.. cool!

The Shooters..

Douglas White's new Shooter website 'The Shooters' has some fabulous in-depth reviews
so far including rarer titles such as Batsagun, Gekirindan and Raiden Trad. Great design and layout too - and essential reading for shooting fans!

Game Over

Another UK based classic gaming site on the CVGS webring, Game Over features nostalgic arcade-player memories, game history features, original programmer interviews and more! Highly recommended -do try out the quiz also!

A corporation dedicated to delivering the best and most detailed information on freeware and shareware games, games hacks and rare games. Some seriously WEIRD stuff here!

Ghasts 'n' Ghouls!!

Ahh Ghosts 'n Goblins.. classic Capcom !! Dain Quentin Gore's site contains info and self-produced conceptual art for a 'new' Ghosts 'n' Goblins game.. Capcom please take note.. give Dain a job!

..Play ORIGINAL online Games (that play like CLASSIC GAMES)! Send Video Game POSTCARDS to your friends!
Participate in Video Game CHAT!
Games for SALE for over 25 GAME CONSOLES!..

Seven Force

A new but already very promising fan site focusing on classic 2D video games from shooters to RPGs and more.. and named after the meanest boss in one of my fave ever games.. Treasure's Gunstar Heroes!


Speaking of which.. here's Treasure's Japanese site for those who like to keep abreast of what this great developer is up to.

Psikyo Product Mania!

Check out goodies past, present and future - from Strikers 1945 to 1999 and Gunbird 2 at shooter-king Psikyo's official site!


Raizing are the masters of modern evolved vertical shooters - with titles such as Soukyugurentai and Battle Garegga under their belt - and hopefully more to come??!

Cave are a Japanese games producer formed from the staff of shooter legends Toaplan after its insolvency.. Here you can see info and pics of new great games such as Feveron, Esprade and Do Don Pachi which carry on Toaplan's heritage into the year 2000!


Compile are cool! Producers of legendary titles such as the Aleste series, Spriggan, Guardian Legend and of course Puyo Puyo they are also the only game company to have written me nice mail about the site. So they get an extra link in for their upcoming ZanacXZanac on PSX!


Wow! From humble beginnings a few months back Dead Serious Clan (creators of the Flying Shark Emulator) have created the definitive resource all about former Shooter Gods Toaplan.. Brilliant!!


Beautifully designed site features some excellent in-depth info on Seibu's classic shooters series Raiden & Raiden Fighters


Excellent multi-format import gaming site (Arcade and Home/Console) with a whole bunch of quality reviews, previews and features. Recommended.

What's this? A site totally devoted to 2D gaming in this day and age with not a jot of a polygon in site? This can't be! Enjoy it while you can people - this is 2D news and gaming at its very best..

Luke O'Sillivan's site devoted to Konami's classic Contra aka Probotector series. Without it we'd never have had Metal Slug so give this series of games maximum repect!


Great looking german shooter site with plenty of shooter reviews, pics and info across a wide range of platforms!

Hehe.. the title of this site reminds me of an old Monty Python sketch but I digress :) There are loads of Strider sites out there but this is one of the nicest!


Daniel Riley's site is devoted to Konami's classic Salamander/Lifeforce series. (Thanks for the link Daniel by the way!)

Rob Strangman's site is dedicated to keeping classic gaming forms alive..
A very noble stance from Rob which deserves all-round approval.



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