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Not to put too fine a point on it, but some game bosses are too easy by far.. I mean hard bosses are annoying but at least you get a bit of satisfaction when you finally defeat them eh? Easy bosses however.. well they might as well not be bothering to fight you in the first place some of them.. I mean honestly..why DO they bother? ;)

By Irem Arcade 1995

R-Type Stage 1 Boss

R-Type is a game with an absolutely insane difficulty curve, as many players over the years will I'm sure testify. Although the first stage is not exactly a walk in the park by any means, compared to later levels it is really a bit of a pushover. The stage boss is ludicrously easy though, just fire your 'Force' orb into it's heart and watch it expire in about 5 seconds flat.. Mind you, Irem made up for this slight oversight when it came to level 3 and the Mothership boss, but that's another story.. See also R-Type series.


(Right) You can quite literally kill
this alien beastie with your eyes
closed if you know what you are
doing .. the only real threat is a
bit of whiplash from his tail
and an occasional but easily
avoidable string of bullets.



By Konami
Arcade 1987

Salamander Stage 1 Boss

The famous Cycloptic Brain boss from Salamander is a bit of an anomaly as it lies at the end of a fairly difficult first stage.. get through that intact and you are treated to a nice, relaxingly easy boss fight compared to the rest of the level. Certainly much less stressful than that pesky Mothership boss in the prequel Nemesis (Gradius) that's for sure.



Brain the size of a planet
(OK slight exaggeration)
but the mental dexterity
of an amoeba and the
manoeuverability of
an inebreiated slug..
I'm SOO scared..


Avoid his sloth-like advances and shoot him in the eye, easy as pie.. woops, I'm dead.. (Well, easy if you are not trying to take
screenshots at the same time..)

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