Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise! Game Paradise is a very rare 'cute' vertical shooter with some outstanding and colorful 2D graphics in the similar vein as Parodius or Twinbee etc. The game originally appeared in the arcade with a limited number of levels; however, Jaleco added two bonus levels (eight levels in all) for this Saturn port, which was only released in Japan. The graphics and backgrounds are beautifully detailed and vary from stage to stage and are based on various video game genres ie Space shooter stage, Racing game stage, Retro game stages etc and feature some unique graphical effects such as scaling, rotation etc.. most impressive. The characters are all from various old Jaleco games such as Exerion, Plus Alpha, Formation Z, Field Combat and Suchie Pai! Defintely one of those desirable Saturn collector's pieces! For a full review see Seven Force