The following are items that I have currently available for sale. As I'm a big collector myself most of it is stuff I've aquired over the past year or two that I have spare copies of. Please don't mail to whinge about prices etc, they are what I rate the items to be worth considering I've gone through a lot of hassle getting hold of them in the first place, so I'm as happy to keep them as I would be to let them go. From time to time I get a whole bunch of bits and bobs together and wack them on Ebay so check the link below to see if there are any up at the moment. Of course it goes without saying that items are on a first come, first served basis. Oh yes.. all the prices are in UK Pounds Sterling (as I'm in the UK!) and do not include Shipping (see below). Mike

LAST UPDATED 29th September 2001

Email with any reserve rquests!

Sega Saturn Japanese Import

IN SOON: Time Bokan (Rare Banpresto shooter!), Tactics Ogre, Tryrush Deppy, Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus, Gale Racer, Metal Black, Sonic Jam, Power Drift ,Street Fighter Zero 3, DoDonpachi, Out Run, Thunder Force Gold Pack 2, Don Pachi, Shienryu, Gunbird, Cotton 2, Chase HQ/Special Criminal Investigation, Kyuyoku Tiger 2 (Twin Cobra 2)

Playstation Japanese Import

IN SOON: Toaplan Shooting Battle, Raiden Project
Gradius Gaiden, G Darius

29/7 One more copy of Hyper Duel now available!! Also Soukygugurentai and Keio Yugetakai.

Sengoku Blade is now reserved! Prikura Daisakusen in mint & complete with calendar! Also Bubble Symphony, Elevator Action Returns, Strikers 1945 II and a few other Saturn Imports. Gradius (PC Engine) also now in.
23/5 Another Sengoku Blade on the way, was pretty pricey but I'll do a pre-order price of 74.99 for anyone who reserves it up to when it arrives (2 weeks)
SEGA SATURN SCART LEADS (Brand New!) now available @ 9.99 + 99p P&P (UK)
15/5 Lots of Saturn stuff turned up today so have updated accordingly. Also anyone fancy a Shining Force III Premium Disc? (not really my cup of tea) Email me with any offers ;) Also have a Game Paradise 'Limited Box Set' on the way, probably looking at about 65 depending on condition, if anyone fancies it let me know..
10/5 SATURN STUFF INCOMING!! Metal Slug, another Bubble Symphony & Prikura Daisakusen :)
Also Parodius Deluxe, Salamander Deluxe Pack & Soukyugurentai & The Game Paradise!
More Saturn goodies located - Shienryu, Thunderforce Gold Packs 1 & 2, Sonic Wings Special, Do Don Pachi (original release), Gun Griffon 2 (now a hard find..)
I'm now taking pre-orders on selected games.
16/4 Sengoku Blade now sold (thanks David!)
Couple of nice goodies located which I thought I'd
let you all know about:
Thunder Force V Special Ltd
(2CD set with Soundtrack CD featuring music
from the series) and Tenchi Wo Karau 2 (aka
Warrors of Fate) which is an increasingly rare to
find classic 2D scrolling beatemup by Capcom.
Batsugun, Sexy Parodius, Strikers 1945 &
Asuka 120% now in stock, plus some more nice
goodies which I'll list soon.

If anyone wants to I'm willing to trade
or part exchange for the following items:

SEGA SATURN: Dungeons & Dragons Collection
Langrisser IV & V, many others as I'm a big SS
collector so mail me with titles :)
NEO GEO MVS: Metal Slug 3,Top Hunter, Strikers 1999/Plus, Prehistoric Isle 2 or any other nice carts!
ARCADE PCB: Any Capcom/Toaplan shooters especially 1941 (now got!), Varth, Eco Fighters, Outzone, Flying Shark, Lightning Fighters, Terra Cresta,Truxton 1 & 2! (now got!) Xexex!! And basically anything else 2D and nice :)
PC Engine: Dracula X (huh!) , Gunhed, Star Parodier, Spriggan, Aeroblasters, Magical Chase,
Macross, anything else give me an email.
Super NES: Macross Scrambled Valkyrie, 100% Cotton.



Gradius Gaiden (JPN) Probably the best Gradius game to date. Best Collection version (New) 34.99 IN SOON

Raiden Project (JPN) Excellent conversions of Raiden1 and 2! 29.99 IN SOON

Raiden DX (RARE! - JPN) Nice remixed Raiden 2 package 34.99 (PRE-ORDERABLE)

Toaplan Shooting Battle 1 (JPN) Very rare! 3 classic Toaplan Heli shooters. e-mail me. IN SOON


Battle Garegga (JPN) Now very scarce and my personal favourite shooter on Saturn! 72.99 (PRE-ORDERABLE)
One copy available now, light cosmetic abrasions on CD/no spinecard, works a treat though!
54.99 SOLD OUT

Batsugun (JPN) Fantastic shooter by Toaplan.. one of my personal favourites on Saturn! Immaculate condition. 49.99 SOLD OUT

Do Don Pachi (JPN) Highly popular shooter by Cave. Original release version. 47.99 IN SOON

Gradius Deluxe Pack (JPN) Gradius (Nemesis) and Gradius II 'Vulcan Venture' on one CD! 44.99

Hyper Duel (JPN) Incredibly rare Technosoft shooter! Mint/no spinecard 82.99

Keio Yugetakai (JPN) (Japanese version of Keio Flying Squadron 2) Highly entertaining and sought after 'Anime' platform game by Victor/JVC
Mint/No spinecard/ Damaged on front of instruction manual
49.99 SOLD OUT

Parodius Deluxe Pack (JPN) Contains Parodius 1 & 2. Excellent condition with spinecard 34.99

Parodius Forever with Me (Parodius 3) (JPN) Saturn update of a huge SNES shooter cart. Very good (near mint) condition/no spinecard. 42.99 (PRE-ORDERABLE)

Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus (JPN) Salamander, Lifeforce and Salamander 2!! Mint condition with spinecard! More 59.99 IN SOON

Sengoku Blade (JPN) The rarest of all of Psikyo's shooters on Saturn! Immaculate and mint condition 2CD set

Sexy Parodius (JPN) Last and most ambitious of the Parodius series. Naughty Anime minxes a-plenty! MINT AND SEALED! 54.99

Soukyugurentai (JPN) Fantastic shooter by Raizing! !!MINT/SEALED!!
69.99 Sold
Original print version with spinecard 59.99

SEGA SATURN SCART LEADS (Brand new) 9.99 + 0.99 P&P (UK)



Biohazard (Resident Evil) Code Veronica (JPN) Limited Edition with the groovy red vinyl sleeve. As New/Mint. 14.99

Skies of Arcadia (US) As New/Mint VGA Only. 19.99

Shenmue (JPN) As New/Mint. 14.99

Blue's Journey MVS 24.99
Top Hunter CD 24.99


Assault Suits Leynos 2 (JPN) MINT with spinecard 34.99
Azel - Panzer Dragoon Saga MINT with spinecard (JPN) 44.99
Black Matrix (RARE!) Cult classic strategy RPG (JPN)
34.99 SOLD
Bubble Symphony (RARE!) Last in the Bubble Bobble series! (JPN) More MINT SEALED! 54.99
Capcom Generation Vol 1 (JPN) (Arcade perfect 1942, 1943, 1943Kai!!) MINT 24.99
Capcom Generation Vol 3 (JPN) MINT (Arcade perfect Vulgus, Exed Exes, Son Son, Haigamaru!) 19.99 SOLD
Capcom Generation Vol 4 (JPN) MINT (Arcade perfect Commando, Gunsmoke & Mercs, !!) 26.99
Chase HQ/Special Criminal Investigation (JPN) 2 classics on one disc ! 44.99 IN SOON
Cotton 2 (JPN) MINT with spinecard plus calendar 39.99 IN SOON
Cotton Boomerang (Rare -JPN) 47.99 SOLD OUT
Culdecept (JPN) 24.99
Cyberbots Ltd Edition Box Set!! (JPN) Great condition! SOLD
Darius II (JPN) SEALED 27.99 SOLD
Darius Gaiden (JPN)
with spinecard 14.99 IN SOON
Dezaemon 2 (JPN) Shooter Construction Kit! Includes 3 games including Biometal 2. 29.99 SOLD
DESIRE (JPN) 29.99
Don Pachi (JPN) Mint with spinecard 37.99 IN SOON
Elevator Action Returns (JPN) Excellent condition 47.99 SOLD
Dracula X (Castlevania) (JPN) With spinecard 47.99 SOLD OUT!
Galaxy Force II (JPN) with spinecard 24.99
The Game Paradise (Rare - JPN) MINT withspinecard 47.99 SOLD
Gekirindan (JPN) MINT with spinecard 34.99
Guardian Force (JPN) Excellent condition with spinecard 34.99
Gun Griffon 2 (JPN - RARE) Very hard to find sequel to Gun Griffon 34.99 SOLD
Gunbird (JPN) No spinecard, small scratch on CD 37.99 IN SOON
Kaitei Daisensou (JPN)
Aka 'In the Hunt' (IREM) MINT

29.99 SOLD OUT!
Kingdom Grand Prix
with spinecard


Gradius Gaiden



Do Don Pachi

Gradius Deluxe Pack

Hyper Duel!

Keio Yugetakai

Kingdom Grandprix

Parodius Deluxe Pack

Parodius Forever With Me

Salamander Deluxe Pack

Sengoku Blade

Sexy Parodius



Strikers 1945

UK - Standard 1st Class 1.25
1st Class Recorded 2.25
Next Day Delivery 3.25

Add 0.60 for each extra CD.

Please enquire for shipping costs.

Kyukyoku Tiger II Plus
As new with spinecard! (JPN)
37.99 IN SOON
Langrisser III (JPN)
This has got a really groovy pseudo-3D cover!
Layer Section (JPN) Saturn Collection version MINT 24.99
Original not re-release 26.99
Layer Section II (JPN) Quite rare now. With spinecard 37.99 SOLD OUT!
Lunar Magical School (JPN)
Lunar Silver Star Story (JPN) 24.99
Macross Super Dimension Fortress (JPN)
As New/Mint with spinecard.
34.99 SOLD OUT!
Metal Black (JPN) 27.99 IN SOON
Metal Slug (JPN) Excellent version! Needs 1MB or 4MB RAM Expansion 64.99 SOLD OUT!
Necronomicon Pinball
Excellent game!! (JPN)
24.99 SOLD
Outrun (JPN) MINT 39.99
PowerDrft (JPN) Excellent Arcade racer! 44.99 IN SOON
Princess Crown (Rare -JPN Original release mint with spinecard ) 59.99 GONE!
Prikura Daisakusen (Rare -JPN) Mint 54.99 (No Calendar) SOLD
62.99 (With Calendar) SOLD
Puyo Puyo 2 (Compile JPN) 21.99 IN SOON
Puyo Puyo SUN (Compile JPN) 21.99 IN SOON
Sega Memorial Selection
Vol 1
(JPN) MINT (Arcade perfect Pengo, Up'n'Down, Flicky &Head On!!) 24.99 SOLD
Sega Memorial Selection
Vol 2
(JPN) MINT (6 Arcade classics including Monaco GP, Sinbad, Starjacker, Ninja Princess etc) 24.99 SOLD
Sentimental Grafitti (JPN)
As New/Mint with spinecard and colour calendar.
19.99 SOLD
Shienryu (JPN) Excellent condition! No Spinecard 44.99
Silhouette Mirage (JPN) Original not re-release 42.99 SOLD OUT!
Saturn Collection version BRAND NEW SEALED 39.99 SOLD
Sonic Jam (JPN) Classic collection featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles 29.99 IN SOON
Sonic Wings Special (JPN) Hard to find Saturn-only remix of the three arcade Aerofighters games!! MINT with Music CD 44.99
Strikers 1945 (JPN) This one's rare and expensive now! 44.99 Strikers 1945 II Mint as new with spinecard (JPN) 47.99
Tenchi Muyo! Rensa Hitsuyou (JPN) Rare and highly entertaining puzzle game based on the hit anime! 27.99
Tenchi wo Karau II
(JPN) Rare 2D scrolling fighting game by Capcom, one of the best of its kind. AKA '
Warriors of Fate'. 47.99 SOLD
Thunderforce V
Original release version
Thunderforce V Special Pack
(JPN) Special 2CD set with Soundtrack CD featuring remixed music from the Thunderforce games.
54.99 SOLD
Thunderforce Gold Pack 1
(JPN) Contains Thunderforce II MD + Thunderforce III MD
34.99 SOLD OUT!
Thunderforce Gold Pack 2
(JPN) Contains Thunderforce III AC + Thunderforce IV MD. Cover sun-faded, otherwise in excellent shape.
39.99 IN SOON
Twinbee Deluxe Pack (JPN) 34.99 IN SOON!
Twinkle Star Sprites (Rare - JPN) MINT ?Offer? SOLD
Wakuwaku Puyopuyo Dungeon (Compile)
Ltd. first print with Cloth Map! JPN

27.99 SOLD
Wolf Fang 2001 Rare 2D Mech shooter similar to Leynos 2 34.99 SOLD


SEGA SATURN SCART LEADS (Brand new) 9.99 + 0.99 P&P (UK)

More goodies coming soon possibly depending on when I get round to it.. :)
All game artwork and packaging is the copyright of the respective producers

All games are second-hand but generally excellent to near-mint condition (unless specified)

f you want to check my Ebay auctions click here.
Otherwise if anything here interests you please
feel free to
e-mail me!

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