Sexy Parodius !

The final release and probably most visually impressive game of Konami's legendary Parodius wacky shooter series, and definitely the most highly valued by fans! Beautiful 2D graphics and design, superb music and a great shooter feel add up to one awesome game - highly recommended to shooter and/or Konami fans! Unlike the previous games in the series, Sexy Parodius features a branching level system similar to that seen in Darius, progress depending on how well you do in each stage on the way, meaning each game can offer a diferent set of levels with makes for great replay value. The particular standout level is the one inspired by Castlevania, complete with a snatch of the famous music! Very funny artwork throughout also, and the title comes from the fact that the game features various 'sexy' anime babes popping up throughout, being chased Benny Hill-style by the game's Octopus villain :)