Keio Yugetaki (Keio Flying Squadron 2)

This sequel to the cult Mega CD shooter Keio Flying Squadron is arguably one of the best 2D platform games of all time! A mixture of cute platform game (starring bunny-girl Rami - heroine of the first game) and mad-Parodius style shooting sections (where Rami mounts her trusty Dragon steed Spot) as she attempts to retrieve the Six Magical Orbs from her arch-nemesis: the evil Racoon Genius Dr. Pon. Levels include a stunningly beautiful underwater interlude, a hilarious roller-coaster ride, a haunted Japanese castle among many others. Keio 2 is a HUGE game which will keep you entertained for weeks if you enjoy platform/shooting action. This game is highly sought after by the way, often going for a lot of money on Ebay auctions :)