Now I know how Francis Drake felt when he spied the mass of the Spanish Armada.. look at 'em all! The camera goes into hyperdrive on this stage, whirling about in a most exciting - if dizzying - fashion to give you a great view of the action all around your fighter.


After defeating the remaining alien army on Earth it's off into space to deal with their orbiting battle fleet in what is by far the most spectacular stage in the whole game..

This bit rather reminds me of Namco's 3D arcade shooter Starblade, the design and use of shading on the various enemy flagships is excellent. Lock onto those exposed missile ports and blast away...


This level gets incredibly hectic at times with attacks from a multitude of smaller ships and flying baddies, while all the way having to run the gauntlet through the larger ships rather ominous firepower.. some of which can be seen here..
hehe - missed me!


If you get the chance among the mayhem try and and lock onto the bridge of a passing star destroyer (above,left) for some rather specatacular results..


Last but not least we come to the main enemy flagship, bristling with guns and munitions - look at the size of this thing missus! I would run out of space if I tried to describe all the various attacks
it flings at you.. Scary!

..I'm still intact-ish, and avoiding these nasty satellite things with big laser guns being launched at me from the side of the flagship I'm locking onto and attempting to take out its Control Tower here..


One more pass.. steady as she goes.. BOMBS AWAY! !
(Wing Commander games eat yer heart out!)

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