Final Stage



The remains of the core are now fused in the central part of this monstrosity - but you need to take out all the lock-on points on the 'arms' first of all before it drops it's shield so you can get at them. Fire away!


So you thought that was it did you? Well this is the sentient mechanical outfit that runs the whole shebang.. And it's one of the most impressively designed final
bosses in many a shoot-em-up...

Four giant laser emitting generators blast huge and extremely dangerous high-powered beams upwards at intervals.. you'll do well not to get caught in these. Here I've just disabled a weak point hence
the big kaboom.


That weak-point I destroyed was part of the base of the boss which anchored it to the floor of the complex I think, and now it can float free and
cause more havoc. Yikes!


It starts spinning like a boss possessed and flinging these ultra-hard to dodge laser-toting satellites in your direction. This is definitely not good.


If there's one thing I don't like it's a massive glowing weapon like structure pointing at my little ship and looking like it's just about to blast me to kingdom come. Who talked me into this mission again?

Argh! No! That was my last life.. and I gave myself enough of them! Oh well, you'll just have to play the game yourself to see the ending-sequence. Like you should. :)


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