Training Courses

  • Acupuncture Introduction

  • Allergy Testing

  • Detoxification

  • Herbal Medicine Introduction

  • Homoeopathy Introduction

  • Hormone Testing

  • Moxa Therapy

  • Nutrition

  • Parasite Eradication

  • pH Testing

  • Urinalysis


  • Arthritis and other joint problems

  • Asthma and other breathing problems

  • Cancer

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress

  • Eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Hormones - general

  • Hormones - female

  • Hypertension and cardiovascular conditions

  • Irritable Bowel and other digestive problems

  • Urinary Tract conditions

Advanced Electro-Dermal Screening techniques and protocols


Various training courses are planned over this next year.

Each module below contributes to a Diploma in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the School of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Each module may be accessed by using the appropriate user name and password.   The cost of each module is 95, and you will be allocated a user name and password upon receipt of payment.

The modules may be completed in your own time - more may be added later.

Further information may found on each module by following the links opposite.



Better Health


The BEST System for allergy, and other testing Advanced specialised Herbal products Acupuncture - one of our many therapies One of our successful Electro-Magnetic Therapy patients Reflexology - another of our popular therapies