by Chris Chokan


Here's what they say about 'Super' Chokage.

Feel the heartwarming, pleasant experience of my joyful game where you send helpless, innocent people to a warm, magical place called 'Down Under'. Okay, so it's not as nice as I mentioned above. But look at all the lovely comments:

"A very unique and wonderful masterpiece, beautifully engineered, one of the year's finest games to hit the shelves, great job!" - Anonymous


Screenshot from an early part of the game. It becomes far more difficult in later levels.


"I love the weapons, especially the Laser Tongue, it kicks Butt (I'm not allowed to say ASS)" - David Lacasse

"Mopars Rule & Fords Drool, this has nothing to do with Chokage but it's the best I could get from Paul" - H.K. Mailloux

"I love Chokster's Super Chokage, it's the best game ever created! Awesome!" - Unknown

Here's a tough guy.


If you're looking for romance & friendship, read a novel. If you're looking for destruction, horror, and a game that's been extinct for over five years, try Chokster's Super Chokage.

Fun for all ages (except ages 1-99).


This set is available for the PC, from Herc's Super Chokage Page. Alternative Download Site. (Acorn users click here).

 Herc's Super Chokage Page


Further add-ons to the Chokage set are available, including Jennystein and Pots n' Pans (reviews on my main page). There's also Trilogy, a compilation set which includes Halloween, Lost-ep and 4 other games.

These add-ons can be placed in your Chokage folder, and be selected from the Chokage menu.

Screenshot from Halloween (Trilogy version). Note the new orange ceiling colour.