.Gravenstein 2000

by Thomas Hubert


(Twenty new levels for the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D)


 THE STORY: After killing the weird ghosts, evil spirits, and Nazi guards in the Graveyard house, you walk outside.

Suddenly, you are warped into another Graveyard house... This one is an important Nazi military base! The General to the Nazi’s is there. also an executioner.

You wipe your sweaty face, fix your bullet proof vest, and get moving...


 To get the best from these levels, it's recommended that you choose the 'Death Incarnate' difficulty level.



Gravenstein 2000 comes with:

- 20 new levels

- Non-stop encounters

- Help line


The helpline is on doom@idmail.com



Thomas Hubert.


 Download Gravenstein 2000 here.




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