Kennel Profile

I believe Belgians are unique and wonderful dogs, but because of their activity level and sense of humour they are not to everyone’s taste.  My aim is to breed typical Tervueren, with brains and working ability, as well as beauty and stable, but up-beat, characters.  I am not a believer in ‘the working line’ but believe all Belgians should be capable of working, in the right hands.  I would hate to see the day when the Belgians that worked had a completely different type to those that are shown, as has happened in so many breeds.  I try to take infinite care when placing puppies, but even so, sometimes things can go wrong.  I try to stay in contact with and help all my puppy owners throughout the dog’s life.  I would like to think that all the dogs I have bred, whether they are pets or Champions, are all loved as much as I love my own.

Chapter 1 In the beginning there was Wyzzy

Chapter 2 The First Litter

Chapter 3 Zorro, Ayarah and Laser

Chapter 4 The Next Generation

Chapter 5 The Homebred Champions

Chapter 6 Venturing to Ireland and Continental Europe

Chapter 7 The French Specialty

Chapter 8 Current Stars

Chapter 9 Future Stars