Welcome to the Glass Bottomed Boat. We'll be cruising around the Monkey Island trilogy today. Enjoy your stay!

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Picture of Guybrush in Monkey2 on Captain Kate Capsizes Glass Bottomed Boat. Kindly donated by Josh the Pirate.

Welcome aboard! I'm Captain Jarsie and my first mate Belly is helping with this Monkey Island page. We hope you enjoy your stay on our boat as passenger number . Read our page quickly before it gets kidnapped by a ship of three headed monkeys!


This page has been left by the writers and will not be updated. Some sections have been removed from this page because they won't be updated. Palido Points have been deleted. This is a link to our links page so you can go on another MI site.

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These our our pet Tentacles. On the left is Jarsies pet, Rhubarb and on the right is Bellys pet, Custard. They are actor tentacles and they both featured in the hit LucasArts game, Day of the Tentacle. Rhubarb says he enjoyed playing the evil Purple Tentacle but wants to assure his fans that he's not like that in real life. Custard, who played the sane Green Tentacle, disagrees with this claim and says Rhubarb is like that in real life.


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LeChuck in Monkey Island 2

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Herman Toothrots Funny Fact

Word up Herman! If you remember Herman from games such as Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2, you may also remember him annoyingly saying 'Hee hee hee' all the time. This annoying habit is why this section belongs to him. This month:

Max of 'Sam and Max Hit the Road' fame has appeared in all three MI games

If I Saw Guybrush Today I'd Ask Him...

'What's the secret of Monkey Island?'


Both our awards are from Josh the Pirate from Guybrushs Grog Gallion. The awards have direct links to his site.

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Thankyou LucasArts for making such great games. We don't do stuff like giving away free MI games. We're very sorry if we've done something on this site we aren't aloud to do. We didn't know. Please don't sue us. Thankyou.


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